Castor Oil

Hexane free castor oil is free of harmful chemicals and does not lead to the development of allergic reactions when applied to the skin.

What is Hexane Free Castor Oil?

Hexane is a chemical used during the extraction process of castor oil from the castor oil seeds. Hexane makes the extraction process fast, but the chemical is known to add many unwanted components into the oil which can produce unwanted adverse effects.

Hexane free castor oil is the type of natural castor oil that does not use any such harmful chemicals during the extraction process and is free of all synthetic chemicals.

The purity level of hexane free organic castor oil is high due to the non-existence of chemicals in the preparation process of the oil which is why it is the most recommended type of castor oil to achieve maximum skin, hair and health benefits.

Cold Pressed Hexane Free Castor Oil

Cold pressed hexane free castor oil is the most recommended castor oil for use now. The reason behind that is the high purity standards of the oil.
Cold pressed hexane free castor oil is prepared by techniques that neither add harmful chemicals into the oil nor do they apply heat for the extraction of castor oil from the seeds.

In the cold pressed technique, the seeds are pressed to extract the oil instead of applying heat to obtain oil. That keeps the structure of the oil components safe, and the oil provides more benefits when applied. Cold pressed castor oil is highly effective when applied regularly.

Hexane free castor oil does not involve any chemical aid for the extraction process, so the oil is safe and pure.

So, cold pressed hexane free castor oil has no chemical or chemical residue in it, and the structure of the components is also safe, making it most suitable for intake and application by all skin type and all conditions.

Hexane Free Castor Oil Benefits

Hexane free organic cold pressed castor oil holds many benefits ranging from treating health issues to making skin and hair condition better. It is also a preferred alternative to other ways of treatment due to its natural and chemical-free nature.

1 For Treatment of Eye Dryness

Due to an increased purity of cold pressed hexane free castor oil it is safe for addition into the eye. The hexane free castor oil hydrates the eye cells and prevents moisture loss from the eyes.

That effectively treats eye infections caused by drying of eyes and accumulation of bacteria.

2 Treats Eyelashes and Makes Them Grow

Cold pressed hexane free castor oil is mostly applied to the eyelashes. Due to its high safety margin, the oil does not cause any harm to the eye and the eyelashes.

It stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes by supplying essential nutrients to the eyelash follicles. Castor oil for eyelashes also makes eyelashes strong which reduces the fall out of eyelashes and makes them thick.

3 Reduces Puffiness Around The Eyes

The skin around the eye is delicate and sensitive to many ingredients, so it is important to use products that are pure and do not have irritants in them.

Hexane free castor oil is the best option for application around the eyes owing to its natural ingredients. The oil when massaged into the skin surrounding the eyes gets absorbed quickly into the layers without clogging the pores and nourishes skin.

It also treats inflammation present in the skin surrounding the eyes and reduces puffiness of eyes.

4 Improves Blood Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure

Massaging castor oil into the skin or taking castor oil in recommended quantities can improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure quickly.

When best castor oil is massaged into the skin, it removes all the toxins and other substances that hinder the proper blood circulation and make it better. Improved blood circulation means that more important nutrients are being supplied to the tissues and they are nourished.

5 Boosts Immunity of the Body

As cold pressed hexane free is pure and natural, it is safe for oral intake. The oil increases the production of immune cells in the body which increase the natural immunity of the body.

With increased immunity, the body can fight infections better and can protect itself from future diseases.

6 Improves the Natural Body Functions

Hexane free castor oil is known to improve the natural organ functions of the body. It improves blood circulation and keeps tissues nourished.

It also improves the digestion process of the body and boosts natural growth processes.

More About Hexane Free Castor oil


Cold pressed hexane free castor oil has the most amount of nutrients in it and provides the most benefits. As zero chemicals are used in the extraction process the oil is very pure.


The oil can be used orally as it is safe and does not cause any harm to the internal body. Make sure that you take small quantities of the oil as recommended.


The low comedogenic score of the oil makes it safe from hypersensitivities and does not cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin.
This makes the oil safe for all skin types.


When hexane free castor oil is applied to the skin for the treatment of acne, pimples and acne scars. The oil quickly kills all bacteria and also lightens acne scars by growth of new skin cells.

How to Use Hexane Free Castor Oil

Hexane free castor oil can be applied in multiple ways. It can be used orally to treat various body issues, but it needs to be taken in small quantities as large quantities can cause undesirable effects.

It can also be massaged onto the skin surface and hair to improve cell growth and improve the appearance of skin and hair.